Equus Enlightened Consulting

Helping amateurs and professionals create happy horses!

Sometimes, getting a fresh look from the outside can make all the difference.  It's my goal to educate horseman, so they feel happy and confident being an advocate for their horse.

​​“I met with several candidate trainers looking for a "train-the-trainer" type program for groundwork and riding. I was looking for pragmatism and completeness.  Other candidates were almost exclusively focused on teaching me to ride, rather than teaching me how to work with horses as an entire unit.  Anna, however, actually asked me of my interest and goals then listened to my response.” ~Steve R.

Advice for owners wanting to keep their horses at home

  • Horse property management

  • Behavioral issues

  • Fitness challenges


Recommendations for a horse friendly environment

  • Maximize turnout

  • Provide companionship

  • Maximize forage intake


Guidance for behavioral issues

  • Causes – boredom, frustration, or lack of comprehension

  • Pain management

  • Environmental stressors 


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