Do you dream of moving your horse up through the levels of competition or maybe just being more competitive at your current level?  Maybe you have a horse you would just like to take to a horse show safely. Or maybe you just want to ride with confidence on a trail ride. Do you long to find that special equine partner?  Many people believe that show horses and pleasure horses are completely different. No matter what discipline, riding style, or training goal everyone should get pleasure from their horse. Let me help you take your horse, your skills, and your relationship to the next level.

Ever since my first trail ride at the age of seven I have loved horses. I begged my parents for riding lessons. They finally gave in for my eighth birthday and the rest, as they say is "history".

Unlock a great relationship with your horse

Riding with Heart and Soul

Growing up in Virginia Beach I began learning hunt seat and started competing in local shows within my first year of riding. For the next ten years I continued showing, winning numerous championships on the local and "A" circuit. Always being of short stature, pony hunters were my specialty. I trained, showed, and sold my own ponies as well as those