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Kelly Jarvis
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From our family's perspective, Anna Simmons, is an extremely gifted trainer and instructor. She has worked with 3 of our horses and my daughter off and on over a four year period.

Each of our horses has had unique training issues. Through her vast experience and intuition, Anna always seems to know what to do. She has corrected a variety of problems we were having...from ponies refusing to move to lack of flexibility and fear of water crossings. With Anna's help we have achieved consistently positive results with all three horses. My daughter enjoys working with instructors that always stay calm and get her to really think about what she is doing. Kelly does not like to be followed around the ring, constantly being given advice. Anna's professional demeanor and more intellectual approach is a perfect match for Kelly. She and her ponies have achieved several tittles and honors in Pony Club, 4-H, and POA events. No doubt Anna played a significant role in preparing Kelly for those events. I myself am riding again after several years because I finally have a mount I can trust. Horses are expensive to own and I often wonder how I can trim down my horse related costs. I would eliminate a lot of things before a session with Anna. When a training issue develops we know who to call. I would recommend Anna highly for any style of riding or age of horse and rider. What she teaches is applicable to us all.

Kris and Kelly Jarvis


Call Anna 540-672-8551

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