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Equus Enlightened is all about educated and compassionate horsemanship. 

Find the joy of being with your horse.

Find satisfaction in a happy, sound horse.

Find happiness instead of fear.

If your goal is competing: find success and fun in horse shows.

Find confidence and connection in anything you do!

Equus: Horse

Enlightened*: Free from ignorance and misinformation...making decisions based on full comprehension of the problems involved.


EmpowerYour Vision

Enjoy the success you crave.
Focused Training for Horses and Riders Using:
Horse show concentration at Equus Enlightened.

The Enlightened philosophers throughout Europe believed humans could utilize scientific inquiry and rational thought to improve their condition and lead them to freedom and happiness.

Energized and inspired by the philosophers of the Enlightenment, my goals came into focus and Equus Enlightened was born.


  • For horse and rider

  • Work with your nervous system (and your horses), not against it.

  • Learn about proprioception and how to control the use and timing of your aids.

Ground Work

  • Learn what ground exercises will have a positive effect on your riding sessions.

  • Learn to read your horse's reactions and how to best manage them.

  • Learn how to see what is happening and how to make changes to train your horse easily.

Horse and Rider Conditioning

  • Learn to exercise the proper muscles to best help you in the saddle

  • Get your horse fit and strong without riding around the arena for hours

Have Fun

  • You got into horses for fun, so why isn't it?

  • Learn to enjoy the process and HAVE FUN!

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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